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    Blue Seal have always been a top brand in the catering industry and we have been privileged enough to be able to work closely with them on a number of different projects.

    Aside from thBlue-Seal-Turbofan-E31D4e obvious robustness of the equipment across the range we have always been looked after from a sales and service point of view, our sales representative, Dave Chessire is always on hand to answer any technical questions and knows the product range inside out!

    The Flagship range of the Evolution Series has been rolled out in almost all of our kitchen projects as the range can stand up to the rigors of a commercial catering kitchen and still perform at the very top of its specification. Also the budget range of Cobra equipment again is a stand out range in the mid range, mid duty equipment with a pedigree from the old style heavy duty ranges.

    And the new style of Turbofan Ovens have been a roaring success since the launch a few years ago, again from the smallest oven up the units have been designed and made to a great standard.

    All in all from the ovens through to the Dishwashers Blue Seal have great confidence in their products, and so do we! Check out some of the latest amazing deals on some of the Evolution RangeĀ right here!

    If you require any information for your upcoming Kitchen project don't hesitate to get in touch here 01937 842852

    Jonathan Skinner, Director, Marshall Catering Equipment

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